About Us

OMS in Your Data Center, LLC has one business priority: energy efficiency. Our assessments are based on proven concepts and best practices from the DOE Industrial Technology Program, the DOE Save Energy Now initiatives, ANCIS Incorporated, and our years of experience in testing and validating data center energy efficiency. In our assessments and data collection, we employ extensive client interviews, metrics, software tools, and an experienced staff. All of which are key to improving the energy efficiency and performance in your data center.

Our assessment reports highlight how to reduce data center operating budgets, reduce energy bills, reduce carbon footprints, improve data center equipment densities, and reduction in the TCO of your data center. We may also be able to defer data center capital expenditures – or even cancel them all together.  Data Center Energy Efficiency Assessments are what we are best at.

Contact OMS in Your Data Center for more information on how we can actually reduce the cost to operate your data center while enhancing your image as a responsible corporate citizen.

Founded and directed by industry veteran Bob Doherty, the OMS’ team has over forty years of hands-on experience managing complex data centers. Bob is a member of industry vanguard ASHRAE  TC 9.9, have served as a member on the Board of Directors at the Data Center Institute (DCI), and has been certified by the US Department of Energy (DOE) as a Data Center Energy Practitioner – DCEP.