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Thermal Best Practices for Your Data Center

Heat can be a friend in the Data Center

Heat can be a friend in the Data Center

Why thermal considerations? Because ASHRAE TC 9.9 committee has redefined the Data Center.

Heat can be your friend.

Initially viewed to be controversial, you should know that new ASHRAE TC 9.9 guidelines give credible information and standards for the Data Center. There was much collaboration and testing on temperature and humidity both by ASHRAE and by independent Data Center managers.  New operating recommendations represent a “statement of reliability”. That is, ASHRAE proclaims it is safe to operate the Data Center at either extreme of their statement of reliability recommended ranges without fear for equipment failure or reduced equipment life expectancy.

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Air Blocking and Air Management

Air Management in the Data Center

Don't hide from Air Management in the Data Center

Data Center Best Practices can be a wondrously successful discipline. Knowing how and where to implement best practices, being consistent in doing so, and validating them periodically and consistently will save cash in your data center.

What is Air Blocking?

In simple terms, Air Blocking is managing the separation of hot air from cold air. Cold Air is that critical commodity needed for optimal computer equipment operation and performance. In the Data Center, all cold air should be claimed and directed toward cooling equipment – and only for cooling equipment. Hot Air is that commodity which allows for optimal efficiency in computer room air conditioner (CRAC) unit performance.

So, cold air seems to be a positive thing. That is fairly intuitive for all of us. But now – possibly for the first time ever –  you are hearing  that hot air can also be a good thing! I will leave you to dwell on that concept at your leisure and I will expand on that in upcoming articles, but in the interim here is my short list for Data Center Best Practices for Air Blocking:

  • Blanking Plates
  • Racking Systems w/air management design
  • Access Floor cutout blocking
  • Positive Room Pressure
  • Hot Aisle Cold Aisle
  • Air side economization
  • Damming avoidance
  • Wire Cable Trays
  • Turn up the temperature
  • Get aggressive

Our team has proven consistently that these pragmatic best practices actually do work and actually do reduce your energy budget (and I’m not talking about spending a pound to save a penny either – these are genuine bottom-line savings right from the start). When Air Blocking is implemented consistently, managed properly, and validated consistently you can

  1. reduce the power used for cooling in your Data Center by as much as 30%
  2. double equipment density, and
  3. realize a higher return on precious Data Center real estate.

Of course, this is just an overview. In upcoming articles I will expand on each of these Air Blocking categories with practical applications of each one – as well as more on other Best Practice topics. Stay tuned.

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