A Call To Action

Act now to get your Data Center Assessment

Act now to get your Data Center Assessment

We are asking that Data Center professionals step up and join forces to pledge to improve the energy efficiency in your data center by 25% over the next ten years. This voluntary program is akin to the Save Energy Now Leadership Program launched by the Department of Energy. Become part of this Data Center community making a difference – Save Energy Now.

This pledge for energy efficiency not only proclaims our intent to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, it shows that our entire data center community has a focus on enhancing our image as responsible corporate citizens.

The Secretary of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Cathy Zoi has set the standard by announcing the DOE Save Energy Now Leadership Program. I send this challenge out to every data center manager and CIO to follow suit – Save Energy now.

Sign up for this voluntary program which comes without examination or audit. It proclaims your intent and interest in becoming more energy efficient. To participate just send an e-mail to info@ComputerRooms.com with a subject line of ‘Pledge’ and contact information. Sign up one or multiple data centers. One of our staff will contact you to activate your pledge.